Practice Write Now

The original course.

10 Days. 10 minutes.

10 prompts.


The Express

This is a quickie. 5 Days of daily writing


The Slow Roast

More time. 

Totally Relaxed.


Flash Memoir

Bite sized bits 
of memoir



Just Show Up & Write

A weekly virtual in the moment writing workshop


Being Retreat

A Yoga & Writing Virtual Day Long Retreat



A Writing Cohort (not therapy) for us
Menopausal Women

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A 7-day virtual ceremony:




You want to write. You think, someday, I will write that story, create that blog, start that essay. But writing gets shoved under the demands of everything else. 

Writing takes practice. And to keep writing, takes the right kind of support. A little structure helps. And a good prompt can make all the difference.

I created this course for anyone who wants to write but needs a little get up and go. It’s simple: For ten days, show up exactly as you are and write for ten minutes. I will provide five prompts and five mini-practices. We will share our work with the group (which is purposefully small). We will respond to each other’s work (in gentle, encouraging ways).

You will leave these ten days with a regular writing practice that is sustainable, simple and will yield content you care about.

What you get:

  • A confidential Facebook group reserved for sharing our work and feedback

  • Five prompts in your inbox alternating with . . .

  • Five specially curated audio mini-yoga and meditation “prompt” practices

  • Poems/readings to keep you leaning into the language you love.

  • The freedom to write anytime of the day ten minutes for ten days (no scheduled meetings needed!)

What this group provides?

  • Accountability: You need others to hold you to show up daily and practice writing.

  • Structure: You want some awesome prompting to help you generate ideas.

  • Community (aka audience): You want to share your work with  others, listen to gentle feedback, and make heartfelt connections.

  • Practice (not perfection): You need to get out of your spinning mind and gain access to your body.  You need to be free of worrying about edits or rewrites and just show up and trust your voice.

Is this group for me?

This group is for anyone who is looking to start, to continue or to cultivate a daily writing practice without the pressure or attachment of the work needing to be perfect or even finished. This is also perfect for anyone who wants to generate new  material for future projects be it a blog, an article, or something you have yet to create!

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Have you heard yourself say I wish I could keep up my writing practice but it’s not the time. I don’t have time. I have so many other things to do. 

Writing feels like the least pressing matter.  And yet , 

You love to write, you want to write. 

You have ideas. Words. Stories to tell. You just don’t have the time to make it happen every day.

Well, it doesn’t have to be every day.


But what about once or twice a week?


Join me for a course designed to keep your writing practice alive amidst a busy, demanding life.


A super slow, relaxed 4 week writing group.


What you get:

  • Structure: 2 original prompts per week: Monday and Friday

  • Community: A special secret group for connecting and sharing (limited to 12 people). 

  • Support: Personal feedback and guidance
    Inspiration: Conversation about craft and inspiring readings to cherish 


Is this group right for me?

If you participated in Practice Write More and want to simply maintain a connection to writing and sharing but don’t think you have the time to write every day for ten days. Or you need more time between prompts to process, then you will feel right at home. 

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Jump start yourself into a manageable five days to write, share, connect and feed the writer you are.

What you Get:

  • Structure: A new special prompt each morning for five days

  • Accountability: A private writing circle to belong and share

  • Community support: Daily feedback, guidance, support, accountability. 

  • Inspiration: A total reset for your creative voice

Is this group right for me?

If you are looking to dive into a quick five days to write this is perfect. This is all about showing up, writing for short bursts and feeling safe to share what comes out.Think reset, reignite and remember how much you love to write. Sharing is a big part so if you are a reluctant sharer consider working with me one on one or look into my other courses that span over longer periods of time. 

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You see the scene. 

You create the words in your mind.

Your past, your childhood, your relationship, the divorce, the children, the illness, the loss, the job, the day to day way you have lived and breathed and noticed things.

Things that tell a story. Your story.

Someday, you say, I will sit down and start to write my story.

And I say, why not sit yourself down, and write the very first words?


If you are pulled to write memoir then this group is your best friend (or your favorite Aunt).

What you get: 

  • Five prompts. (One per week)

  • A top secret online writing community. (limited to 10).

  • Feedback galore (from me and from your fellow writers). 

  • One zoom group call where we can see the faces behind the words and discuss our writing. And to talk about writing in general. 

  • Inspirational readings/recordings throughout to supplement your craft and conversation.

Is this group right for me? 

If you are pulled to write memoir then yes.
This group will specifically focus on short pieces of original writing (800 words or less).
You have several days each week to work on writing and refining and distilling your pieces down to their essence with support, guidance and love. 

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Bring your awesome energy, a favorite journal, a pen and a cup of tea (or a cup of something), leave your should and should-nots aside, and let’s write together.

I will guide you through a few prompts and we will generate some words, create something new, and maybe even share a bit (totally optional).


You need nothing.
We will write freely (without rules) and we will see what happens.


On Zoom (when you enroll, you receive a link)

All workshops will be recorded and saved and last 60 minutes. 
(stay as long as you want)

You can write and share on your own if you miss the live session. 




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BEING is a day long retreat designed to offer movement, community, and writing. Being is dedicated to the skill and craft of slowing down: to feel and express what is happening in the moment. You will read, learn, observe, and share through yoga and the writing process.


  • One hour guided morning yoga class* 

  • Generative writing activities 

  • Short reading & discussion**

  • Gathering to share and be together
    *class will be recorded and available if you cannot attend live
    **short reading will be provided upon registration

Example Retreat Schedule:

  • 11:00am - 12:00pm — Guided Yoga Class 

  • 12:00pm - 12:45pm — Break (off screen) 

  • 12:45pm - 1:30pm — Reading discussion and explanation of writing activity 

  • 1:30pm - 3:30pm — Generative writing time (off screen)

  • 3:30pm - 5:00pm — Gathering, reflections, and sharing 





cohorts for menopause



I was in my late twenties when my mother was fanning herself with menus at public restaurants. “Another flash” she would say stretching the neck of her wool sweater with her other hand. At the time I was a frantic young mother, a restless young wife, and still complaining (I suspect) about PMS or bad cramps. Menopause was my mother’s world and was a world away from me. 

Until I stepped into that world. The world of fanning menus, and emotional swings, and rage (God, the rage) the likes of which I have never seen. Not to mention the periods. (My doctor now calls them non-ovulatory events) and I google obsessively. I whisper with friends about creams and bio-identical hormones and I cry a lot(I still do) when I think about putting to rest this younger me. And so while the control freak in me is having a little fit and I am learning to welcome this poised gracious presence who calls herself “Crone”, I think, I better fucking write about this with other women or I will go crazy. 


So if this speaks to you and you are like me a little bewildered, a little grief-stricken, but always up for taking what is hard and making something artful out of it, then join me for PAUSE.


A writing cohort (not therapy) for us menopausal women who want a place to talk about it. To write about it. To have a space to learn, laugh, cry, share and do what women do best in this universe: CREATE. 

WHAT: A 4-week generative online writing community 

DATES: Next Course TBD (click the notify me button to find out when)


WHEN: Weekly Zoom sessions will be held Sundays at 11 am: 

HOW MUCH?  $149

  • Space is limited so we have time to write and share which will be all done during our Zoom-time. 

  • There is no outside extra work or more things for us to do. All reading, writing prompts, and generative work will happen when we meet online. 



Reimagine, Rewrite, and  Reignite with your instincts, your truest nature, and your deepest (darkest) self. This December, in the darkest time of year, reclaim your creativity, your connection to your primal intelligence, and remember where your instincts reside. You’re WILD. 

I am so honored to be co-teaching this amazing virtual ceremony with my friend, teacher, and magical woman Amber Cook

These 7-day virtual ceremonies include:


  • 5 days of preparation for transformation - Through email and can be done on your own time

  • You will start to dig deep into your inner knowing through guidance from  Amber and me.

  • Every morning for 5 days you will receive an email from us including journal prompts we provide, guided meditations and video messages from us, actions you can do every day to reconnect you to YOU.

  • We place ourselves in a safe container to practice yoga, learn the beauty of self-massage, write with unabandoned freedom. 

  • This is is a time to stir the cauldron of all the mysteries, what goes unsaid, unnamed, but felt, bring it to a boil, and coax out the magic brew - your wild twin. The long-lost part of you that may have been ignored, neglected, exiled for whatever reasons.

We welcome The Wild Twin because not to know her, not to ever search for her is too big of a consequence.