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mind body soul

with Stacy Levy & Tracy Bleier

Our Approach:


We believe human beings are a part of nature. We believe listening to your intuition is about learning to listen to yourself.

With the demands of daily life and the pressures put on yourself to do more, be better, keep up, it can be hard to tune into your body’s needs. 


Food. Sleep. Breath. Light. Movement.

These aspects of life have the greatest impact on your health.

Yet, in your effort to feel better you may often create more stress on your system with depriving, restricting, over-exercising, numbing, avoiding, procrastinating, making excuses, shaming and denying.


Are you ready to shift this mindset? 


NOURISH is an invitation to take a closer look at how you are taking care of yourself. Inspired by the traditions of Ayurveda and Yoga, you will learn simple practices and acquire powerful information that will inspire new possibilities around your habits, routines and mindset — and will ultimately help you to make lasting and sustainable change. 

STARTSJanuary 20, 2021
ENDS    — February 10, 2021


  • 4 virtual Zoom community calls at 6pm CST Wednesdays 1/13, 1/20, 1/27, 2/3 *participants can join live or watch recording on own time

  • 6 exclusive, recorded yoga classes

  • Guided audio meditations

  • Comprehensive guide and recipe book with suggested menu plans

  • Writing prompts and guided journaling

  • Resource hub (readings, articles, podcasts, talks)

  • Private virtual community forum 

  • Expert guest speakers




What type of cleanse is this? 

This is a mind, body, and soul cleanse. It is asking us to slow down, feel, and listen. It is an invitation to feel into the seasonal transitions that are happening in nature, and seeing ourselves as being a part of nature. It is about nurturing. It is about releasing. It is about clearing. And... it is about leaning into our own intuition.  


What will I eat?  

How, what, and when you eat depends on your individual needs. This is not a one-sized fits all program. We offer options based on your motivations for participating in the cleanse, including specific guidelines for both gentle and deeper experiences. We will introduce different methods that will aid in your body’s natural healing ability. Ultimately, both approaches aim to improve your digestion and help you to reduce excess inflammation to support you in feeling lighter and clearer. We will encourage you to eat seasonally appropriate foods for the entirety of the cleanse.  


What if the timing is not right?

There is a good chance the timing will never be right. There will always be something to distract you, busy schedules and pressing demands will always be there. This is straightforward and malleable and will complement any schedule or lifestyle. All you need is your willingness. The cleanse will not complicate your life, but in fact, enhance it and give you skills to carry with you long after the cleanse is over. 


Can I drink coffee or have alcohol? Do I have to change how I exercise? 

This will be up to you. We are inviting you to step out of a mindset of bad and good. We will encourage you to take a closer look at the choices you make around things like caffeine, alcohol, sweets, screen time, exercise, etc. and grow your curiosity about anything you choose to consume. We provide two specially designed recorded yoga classes per week to do at your convenience. Based on your energy levels, you can add in any exercise or movement routines that you enjoy. 


Why cleanse in the Winter? 

Winter tells us it’s time to rest, to reset, to slow down and shift our focus inward. This is a season to invite warmth into your body and mind. Envision stews and soups and meals that satiate. The slowed down qualities of the winter months offer a rare opportunity to reflect and check in with ourselves. This is an optimal time to write, to sit, and to dive into your practices with more introspection, ease and gentleness. 


Will there be additional costs?

While we offer suggestions on reading, supplements, products and foods, there are no mandatory additional costs. The cost of your food is not included in the cleanse and is at your discretion. 



In response to these uncertain times, we welcome an experience to come together to nourish our hearts, our spirits, and our bodies. This special online collaboration, co-created with my dear friend Stacy Levy, invites you to move, write, share and connect through yoga, meditation, writing, and ritual. Each week we will call upon the words of some of the greatest voices of our time, infusing the practices with their wisdom and timeless teachings. 


The May Series


Week 1
Mary Oliver

Week 1 dives into the poetic heart of Mary Oliver.


Week 2
Pema Chödrön

Week 2 embraces the emotional fortitude, vulnerability, and wisdom of Pema Chödrön.


Week 3
Ram Dass

Week 3 explores the iconic devotion and presence of
Ram Dass through stories.


The June Series 


Week 1

Week 1 dives into the mystic poetry of Rumi.

david whyte.jpg

Week 2
David Whyte

Week 2 journeys into David Whyte's lyrical wisdom .


Week 3
Pablo Neruda

Week 3 explores the celebrated odes and love poems of
Pablo Neruda.



journey into deeper listening

As you enter into a new season, still faced with the unknown, your call to find physical ease, emotional stability and social/spiritual connection is essential. 


The world needs you healthy and balanced, adaptable and energized. Your ability to show up fully in your life and calibrate to change depends on what you choose to take in or eliminate from your systems. What you digest - from food, to images, to words, to conversation - all impacts your body, your energy, your work, and your relationships. As you move into the Fall season we can look to nature to mirror your own body's yearning to release limiting beliefs and unhelpful patterns and habits.


NOURISHcleanse, a collaboration with Tracy Bleier and Stacy Levy, is an experience that helps you reframe your mindset around cleansing and detox from punishment and deprivation, to worthiness and abundance. In a safe and supportive community, this cleanse is designed to move you from inquiry to immersion to integration, so that you can reconnect with the natural and adaptable intelligence of your body. You will find greater freedom in your relationship to food, your lifestyles and rhythms.

This streamlined, progressive approach combines modern science, ancient wisdom, and community connection that empowers you to open to your most creative and vital self. 


Fostering curiosity. Reframing your mindset around cleansing.

We will address:

  • Various approaches to cleansing from gentle to rigorous, loose to structured and the positives and challenges of each  

  • Your motivations, reasons and expectations for cleansing

  • Your past associations or prior relationship with cleansing

  • Your resistances and emotional cravings versus your physiological needs

  • Your relationship with food, rest, exercise, sleep, meal prep, and with your own body



Crossing deeper thresholds. Assimilating new habits.

We will address:

  • How to support your body’s natural detoxification processes and lessen the toxic burden on your system

  • Simplifying your digestion: exploring optional methods such as intermittent fasting, liquid or mono-diet, supplementation, as well as diversifying and improvising menus that align with your own comfort level

  • Your environmental exposure (digital detox, brain breaks, de-cluttering and finding joy in clean open space.)

  • Your lifestyle choices: (quality of relationships, intimacy, communication patterns, inner dialogue)

  • How you value creativity over productivity 


Continuing to make a positive impact in your daily life. Embodying new perspectives and ways of showing up.

We will address:

  • Trusting your intuition and instincts over societal expectations 

  • Establishing daily rituals as part of your everyday life

  • Fostering a new relationship with how you spend time

  • Knowing what works best for your body and your mind

  • Increasing malleability, and receptivity for pleasure, gratitude, and joy. 

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