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My favorite writing teacher once told me that writers have to give themselves permission to write. Nobody is going to tap you on the shoulder and say, ok Tracy, now its time to sit down and write.In a world that demands we show something for our work, and in the case of writing, that we publish our work, I have been shy to consider myself a true writer. But now that has changed. Older, wiser, and tired of the same old ways my comparative theories have held me back — I claim myself as belonging to a sector of those who must write to understand themselves. I write to retrieve moments, and to re-live them through the safe and wide lens  of the present. I write to process and craft and how honesty plays into our most cherished communications. Writing is the practice that puts me in my seat and asks me to lean into the life of an entire body. I have written a manuscript, a memoir about a seismic time in my life. From that manuscript I published an excerpted article in Brain, Child Magazine. I have written lifestyle articles for Illumine Magazine but that is not the point. Writing creditability lay not in the publisher’s hands, but in my own. And while I know there are parts of me that dream of that publisher, that agent, hell, that Pulitzer —— these outcomes pale in comparison to the feeling I have when I sit down and get real with myself on the page. This is a truth I could not live without knowing. READ MORE...


Tracy is the real deal. Her knowledge and passion for writing comes through during every step of the writing process. I feel like I'm in good hands when working with her: safe and empowered. She has a gentle, but the straight forward way of pulling the gems of your writing out and asking you to expand into your writing potential. Highly recommend!

Write Now gave me the encouragement to take my writing from a hobby into something that I could actually consider publishing one day. I was motivated by the feedback Tracy (and other writers) gave me and now feel like I have several prompts to continue this practice on my own. Receiving these daily emails from her, doing the work, and receiving comments on my writing became my absolute favorite part of my days for the last week and a half.

The course far exceeded my expectations. The prompts as well as the feedback inspired me to dig deeper and be very precise with my word choices. I was surprised and pleased by the work I generated and came to see it as an opportunity to better know myself.

This course this past month was magic.  Tracy set the stage for a supportive and positive environment that I felt completely comfortable sharing.  I am surprised at how deep the writing delved and was wholly blown away by what surfaced.   I don’t consider myself a “writer” and didn’t take the course in an effort to necessarily improve that skill, but it felt wholly empowering to flex that myself and in the process learned a ton about myself.  I am so grateful to Tracy and to the lovely souls in my group…. I am sad to see it come to a close.

I started this course to jump-start my writing.  I love the supportive group and reading the inspirational work of others as well as suggestions in tweaking my writing.   To dig deeper into the rich details is my biggest takeaway from this course.  I am more confident to pursue some of the writing projects I have set aside. Taking these small steps led by a soulful yogi and writer like Tracy motivates me to take that leap.

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